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Motto: Every traveller is also an explorer, and explorers must travel to discover.

Exploring is not only about cutting through dense jungle with a machete. We make discoveries when we visit places, where neither we nor our friends have ever been before. We discover places where many people may have been before us, however none of them through our eyes. If you dived down to the wreckage of the Titanic, you would find a bronze plaque of the Explorers Club attached to the ship’s railings. The Explorers Club is an association of those who were beginners once, and now are experienced in the exploring business…

Our efforts to document, catch, show and remember our discoveries have made us photographers, writers and painters. Digital photography overwhelms us forcing us to go through thousands of pictures, trying to recall the location of that breathtaking waterfall or the name of that fantastic restaurant whose sign you realised wasn’t in the picture. It is impossible to take notes, sort information and store everything during your travels because, you only have time to stop for food, or because it’s so cold that you can take off your gloves for only a short moment to press the camera shutter release button - or the button to indicate the location, to which you can add some notes later in the evening when taking a rest in your tent.

We want to return to our discoveries and relive our experiences. We want to remember the sites we saw, the places we visited and everything else that transpired on our trip. Perhaps one day we will become travelogue authors or travel magazine contributors, perhaps some of us will become members of The Travelers Club. But now we can start with what we have - a cell phone and the Explorers Tracker. This is why we developed it because we are explorers through and through. Originally we created it just for ourselves, but three years later, after a lot of intense work and testing in the real world (see our Explorers Corner) we decided to share it with others. Our E.T. will assist you on your travels and you will not need any other modern technology such as the Internet or a mobile network weighing you down.

Look at the Recommended Equipment and see how little you need to be able to find your way in an unknown environment or unknown waters, to get a perfect log of your travels. This includes an unlimited number of notes, the ability to conduct statistics for up to 12 different sorts of movement (not only riding a bike, driving a car or walking - you can keep separate statistics for walking on a flatland, in a diverse terrain or in the mountains), and to plan the amounts of food and water needed and schedule returning times as precisely as never before.