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Dear translators. The Explorers Tracker version 1.7 has been published today on Ovi. This version brings major improvements in logging, anchor watch alarm, menus, templates, and online services. In this version we have removed the imperfections that were apparent in version 1.6. We are developing the next version in which we will be dealing with context help, user tips and language resource files. Thank you very much for your interest, we will be in touch with you and give you a beta version for testing in your language.

Please note that the upgrade to the Pro version is free of charge. We hope that you find this version much better than the previous ones.

Thank you
CEALogs Team

English (Ready)
by CEALogs
for ver. 1.51


Spanish (In progress)
by Alvaro Díaz
for ver. 2.0
German (In progress)
by David Kaiser
for ver. 2.0
Chinese (In progress)
by William Zhou
for ver. 2.0


Danish (In progress)
by Morten Holck
for ver. 2.0
Norwegian (In progress)
by Arne-Johan Martinsen
for ver. 2.0
Finnish (In progress)
by Henri Palmroth
for ver. 2.0


Turkish (In progress)
by Vahit Emre Güneş
for ver. 2.0
Hungarian (In progress)
by Csaba Vincze (Bagacs)
for ver. 2.0
Which one will be next?


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