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Explorers Tracker - Introduction of products and concepts

For explorers, E.T shall be a reliable partner who will record every detail of their trips no matter whether traveling on foot, on sledge, by car, on board of a ship or biking. All interesting locations and events get recorded in notes, which can be entered in a very simple and quick manner and which can be specified more closely, for example, in the evening when you are resting safely in your tent. To get the right coordinates, explorers don’t use a detailed but unreliable map – they use a worldwide database of benchmarks, which will allow you to tell your rescue team that you are 10 miles north of the Wild House lighthouse even if you find yourself in the deepest wilderness.


Thanks to E.T you don’t need to carry any additional weight on your travels – your mobile phone will provide you with any and all required information and allow you to record anything. If you take your solar charger with you instead of all the other charging devices, your will be completely independent. As E.T partially clarify the data and doesn’t record any pointless information, the space on your memory card will be enough for a 2-year trip. And if you are unsure about the available space, E.T will show you not the free capacity (which you don’t really need to know, actually), but the number of days and hours that can still be recorded.

E.T can easily recognize whether you move or stand still, and works correctly with the STOP or MOVING status. Therefore, your log is free of any useless scribbles with the radius of 10 m, as you can see even in more expensive GPS devices. In addition, the data once stored and displayed are more closely specified by calculations and averaging, so you know where and how quickly you go without having to monitor these data that change every second like you do on common GPS devices optimized, for example, for driving - and not for walking.

To process data from your travels you can use tools from the E.T family series, which help you to create even very specialized logs, such as a car log or a ship’s log. The travel log records data from your trips, which you can show to your friends, offer as useful information for their own travels, or – which you may have never considered before – use as a perfect basis for a travelogue that you can offer to a publisher of travel books or just show to Your friends and relatives. In addition to recorded data and your notes, photographs can be inserted as well with precise specification of date and location.

You can also join images from different devices – the conversion program will transfer them into a standard format. The only thing you need to do is to set the same time in all your devices. The time on your mobile phone is set by the GPS system using the in-built E.T function of time synchronization.

We have been developing E.T for three years since the initial idea, including the time spent testing on the sea, in the car and trekking. We believe in it and, as you can see on our website, we are not alone – so why not to set out for the direction, in which E.T shows a church you are looking for while traveling in the mist in the mountains of Georgia? Just come and see what happened.