To be able to use the Places function you need to have database files called and places.sec stored on the memory card of your device in the ET folder.

You can download and install database files with data covering the world or individual continents directly through the application (Menu > Downloads > Places tab) or you can use this page.

The application always works with one database at a time – it means that if the Europe places database is installed and you add the North America places database, the application shall use the North America database (the Europe database has been overwritten). Based on our experience, we recommend installing the world places database, which takes about 250 MB on your memory card, but will be useful anywhere you go and you will not have to keep in mind to install the right database into your mobile phone in addition to all the other things you need to arrange before your travels.


Download (105 MB)



Download (17.3 MB)


Download (11.9 MB)

North America

Download (45.6 MB)


South America

Download (6.61 MB)


Download (21.1 MB)

Australia & Oceania

Download (3.15 MB)